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Celebrating 400 years of Cervantes's Persiles

Cervantes considered this fantastical work to be his crowning achievement. First published posthumously in 1617, it is now available as a student edition from Cervantes & Co.

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Also available:
E.C. Riley's "Cervantes' Theory of the Novel"

John Jay Allen's "Don Quixote: Hero or Fool?"

Tom Lathrop's Spanish edition for students of "Don Quijote"

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The Modern Namesake of Juan de la Cuesta

Named after the original printer of Don Quijote in Spain, "Juan de la Cuesta - Hispanic Monographs" is located in beautiful Newark, Delaware. (Newark Reservoir pictured above).

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ScarboroughRevisiting Convivencia in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia

Edited by Connie L. Scarborough


Remembering Américo Castro, Samuel G. Armistead
Convivencia and the “Ornament of the World,” Kenneth Baxter Wolf


Part I: Historical Considerations

Legacy of Muslim Spain: The Construction of Networks, Knowledge, and Convivencia, Jessica Zeitler
Christianity, Islam, and Muhammad in the Mozarabic Liber demudationis (XI or XII Century), Jason Busic
“Et deue tener la paia enla mano & deue dezir yo juro por aquel que fizo en esta paia verde & segua”: Is Convivencia Operative in the Medieval fueros? John Zemke
The Idea of Convivencia in the Era of Hispanic Expansion: Parallel Routes in Iberia and the Maghreb, Jean Dangler
A Snapshot in Time: Hironymus Münzer’s Journey to the Iberian Peninsula in 1494-1495 and the End of Convivencia As They Knew It, Judith Berg Sobré

Part II: Literary Manifestations

The Battle of Zall?qa and the Treatment of Aggressive Infidels: Ibn Quzm?n’s “Zajal 38,” James T. Monroe
Musulmanes en el mester de clerecía, Pablo Ancos
Jewish Representation in Juan Manuel: Respect, Convivencia and Silence, María Cecilia Ruiz
The Problem with Example XXXV from Don Juan Manuel’s El Conde Lucanor, Paul E. Larson
Alfonso X’s Libro de ajedrez, dados y tablas or Libro de los juegos: Interrogating Convivencia, Linde Brocato
Carcayona and the End of Convivencia: The Conversion of the Handless Maiden Tale into an Islamic Text of Resistance and Rejection, Paul B. Nelson
Contemplating the Noble Ethos: Implications for Jewish Converts in the Writings of Alfonso de Cartagena, Emily S. Beck
Juan Andrés’s Humanist Rhetoric in the “Confusión o confutación de la secta mahomética y del Alcorán,” Z. David Zuwiyya

Part III: The Question of Language(s)
Ethnic and Linguistic Pluralisms in the Arabic Documents of the Cathedral of Huesca in Aragón, Yasmine Beale-Rivaya
Towards a Convivencia of Religiosities in Sixteenth-Century Aljamiado Literature, María del Mar Rosa-Rodríguez


Estudios de literatura medieval «John E. Keller» 11
ISBN 978-1-58871-242-4 (HB) $54.95 Amazon.com




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El condestable de Sicilia

by José Zorrilla, edited by José Luis González Subías: Was this Zorrilla's first play?...

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Tom Lathrop's Revolutionary Spanish Grammar Handbook

Our friends at LinguaText have published Tom's grammar handbook for students!

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Ramón Menéndez Pidal: The Practice and Politics of Philology in Twentieth-Century Spain

Steven Hess presents a comprehensive study of one of the salient figures in modern Spanish intellectual history...

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Picasso and Celestina: The Artist's Vision of the Procuress

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Novelty and Artistry in Blasco Ibáñez’s Los argonautas (1914)

Christopher L. Anderson's study of Blasco Ibáñez’s lengthiest acknowledged work demonstrates...

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El laberinto del siglo XVI

This book by Óscar Rivera-Rodas studies the effects of scholastic and dogmatic thinking, which prevailed in Europe in the 16th century

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Reading 2oth Century Spanish Literature:

These essays by Noël Valis published between 1983 and 2013 is a companion piece to her 19th Century collection published by Cuesta in 2005...

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Revisiting Convivencia

Connie L. Scarborough edits this world-class collection of insightful and relevant articles on Convivencia in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia.

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