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Check here for manuscript and submission guidelines if you are an author already under contract. If you are a prospective author, check here for query guidelines.

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Celebrating 400 years of Cervantes's Persiles

Cervantes considered this fantastical work to be his crowning achievement. First published posthumously in 1617, it is now available as a student edition from Cervantes & Co.

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Also available:
E.C. Riley's "Cervantes' Theory of the Novel"

John Jay Allen's "Don Quixote: Hero or Fool?"

Tom Lathrop's Spanish edition for students of "Don Quijote"

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The Modern Namesake of Juan de la Cuesta

Named after the original printer of Don Quijote in Spain, "Juan de la Cuesta - Hispanic Monographs" is located in beautiful Newark, Delaware. (Newark Reservoir pictured above).

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Author Resources
Guidelines for Proposal and Manuscript Submissions


Submitting a Query and Proposal*


[*Please Note: We are not accepting new manuscripts until July, 2017.]

Juan de la Cuesta—Hispanic Monographs is in its fourth decade of producing fine monographs dealing in Spanish and Latin American literature and culture, from the Medieval to the Modern. We have earned a well-respected reputation in these fields; our publications appear in the bibliographies of many important works. As we continue this tradition of publishing high quality manuscripts, we would like to consider yours. Please familiarize yourself with our list before submitting. We do not accept unrevised dissertations, poetry, or original fiction.


Send a brief e-mail query (proposals at Juan de la Cuesta dot com) before sending a full proposal. If your work is potentially a good fit for our list, editors will request a full proposal, and then a full manuscript if appropriate. You may use this form (PDF Manuscript Proposal Form) if you are interested in suggesting a manuscript.


The following information will be required if you are asked to submit a full proposal:

• an abstract or a description of your manuscript (1–2 pages)
• length of the manuscript in words, including notes and bibliography
• number and type of illustrations, if any (b/w preferred, maps, tables, etc.)
• date by which the manuscript will be complete
• the table of contents
• introduction or a sample chapter
• a curriculum vitae or résumé

• completed Manuscript Proposal Form


Guidelines for Authors under Contract


Once your manuscript has been accepted, finalized with your manuscript editor, and corrected according to suggestions, submit your final manuscript by email to:


Dr. Michael McGrath: mmcgrath at georgia southern dot edu.

or on disk to:

Dr. Michael J. McGrath, Managing Editor
Juan de la Cuesta—Hispanic Monographs
Department of Foreign Languages/Box 8081
Georgia Southern University
Statesboro, GA 30460



Your final manuscript must comply with the guidelines in the following documents in order to be accepted for publication:


Cuesta Manuscript Checklist

Cuesta Manuscript/Style Guide


Please let us know as soon as possible if the guidelines present any problems so we can find a solution.


Recent Releases and more
Check out some recent titles and explore the Bargain Bin!



Luis Vélez de Guevara en Écija: su entorno familiar, liberal y cultural

by Marina Martín Ojeda and C. George Peale: This book is the most complete account yet of Luis Vélez de Guevara’s family
and upbringing...

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Making Sense of the Senses

Current Approaches in Spanish Comedia Criticism: Edited by Yolanda Gamboa and Bonnie Gasior...

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Tom Lathrop's Revolutionary Spanish Grammar Handbook

Our friends at LinguaText have published Tom's grammar handbook for students!

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Re-Imagining Don Quixote (Film, Image, and Mind)

edited by Antonio Cortijo Ocaña and Eloi Grasset Morell: Documentación cervantina, «Tom Lathrop», 40...

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El trasfondo judeocristiano del Laberinto de Fortuna

by Galen Yorba-Gray: Los modelos mitológicos-clásicos que le roporcionan estructura y materia temática al Laberinto de Fortuna (1444) de...

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Cantigas de Santa María: 2-25 of the Escorial Manuscript T.I.1, “Códice Rico”

translated by Annette Grant Cash and James C. Murray: Miniatures, Translations of the Old Spanish Prose Marginalia, and Commentary

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Reivindicación y memoria en el Poema de Fernán González

por Adriano Duque

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Miguel Delibes: Love Letters from a Voluptuous Sexagenarian

Translated by Teresa Boucher: A sixty-five-year old retired Castilian newspaperman reads a personal ad in Sentimental Correspondence while in the waiting
room of a doctor’s office....

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José de Espronceda y Delgado: The Student of Salamanca / El estudiante de Salamanca

Translated by Robert M. Fedorchek, Introduction by Michael Iarocci

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Ramón Menéndez Pidal: The Practice and Politics of Philology in Twentieth-Century Spain

Steven Hess presents a comprehensive study of one of the salient figures in modern Spanish intellectual history...

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Picasso and Celestina: The Artist's Vision of the Procuress

Picasso had a decades-long interest in Celestina, the leading character in Fernando de Rojas’s...

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Novelty and Artistry in Blasco Ibáñez’s Los argonautas (1914)

Christopher L. Anderson's study of Blasco Ibáñez’s lengthiest acknowledged work demonstrates...

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El laberinto del siglo XVI

This book by Óscar Rivera-Rodas studies the effects of scholastic and dogmatic thinking, which prevailed in Europe in the 16th century

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Reading 2oth Century Spanish Literature:

These essays by Noël Valis published between 1983 and 2013 is a companion piece to her 19th Century collection published by Cuesta in 2005...

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Revisiting Convivencia

Connie L. Scarborough edits this world-class collection of insightful and relevant articles on Convivencia in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia.

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