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Cervantes & Co. Spanish Classic editions are designed for the American classroom: These Spanish editions feature useful English introductions, thousands of notes and marginal glosses in English, and edition-specific Spanish-English glossaries.  Our unique editions include the most popular Spanish literature from Medieval to Modern times and make learning these standards of Spanish literature a pleasure!

New Titles

Federico Garcia Lorca's "Rural Trilogy" is now available in a single, corrected edition!

Garcia Lorca's Rural Trilogy

Bodas de sangre, Yerma, La casa de Bernarda Alba
Edited by Timothy P. Reed
ISBN 978-1-58977-123-9
310 pages, paperback

A Literary Companion to Don Quijote

A Literary Companion to Don Quijote

Finally, the most useful companion volume for Don Quijote ever produced is now available for students of Spanish and the Quijote! Ohio University's David G. Burton brings us a collection to give readers a deeper insight into Cervantes' masterwork. From the introduction:

[This companion] represents works that influenced Cervantes and/or to which he makes reference in the novel. These works, written in either prose or verse and published between the late 15th and the early 17th centuries, demonstrate the wide range of texts that Cervantes knew and had at his disposal. The great majority of these texts refer to chivalry, but others, like the Spanish pastoral romances and the picaresque inform episodes in both parts of the novel. Editors of Cervantes’ masterpiece often cite these texts, but until now, there appears to be no one volume in which the student can locate and read, for example, selections from Amadís, Belianís, or Tirant. While these texts offer delightful reading, most undergraduate students do not have the time required to read such lengthy tales nor do they have experience with the linguistic difficulties that these old texts often present. To facilitate reading, I have modernized some difficult forms and spellings while retaining as much of the original language and syntax as possible, thereby maintaining the flavor of the texts. I hope that glosses and footnotes aid in the understanding of especially difficult passages.

Burton's Literary Companion is divided into two parts: Extended Poetry and Prose and Romances. This is a perfect companion to Lathrop's Don Quijote edition and the Don Quijote Dictionary. Check it out at

A Literary Companion to Don Quijote Don Quijote (Lathrop's Spanish edition for students) Lathrop's Don Quijote Dictionary


We are pleased to offer more choices classic Spanish literature with the addition of:

Amadís de Gaula (Book 1) edited by Botello/GuardiolaGriffiths, isbn 9781589771154
Berceo's Los milagros de Nuestra Señora edited by Annette G. Cash, isbn 9781589770959
Calderón de la Barca's El gran teatro del mundo ed. by M. McGrath, isbn 9781589771048
Calderón de la Barca's La dama duende edited by F. Gómez, isbn 9781589771031
Lope's Arte nuevo de hacer comedias and El mejor alcalde, el rey edited by Mark Groundland, isbn 9781589770978
Tirso's Amazonas en las Indias edited by Robalino/NietoCuebas, isbn 9781589771147
Tirso's Don Gil de las calzas verdes ed. by E. Fernández Rodríguez, isbn 9781589770997
Fernán Caballero's La Gaviota edited by David Navarro, isbn 9781589771093
Fernandez de Lizardi's Don Catrín de la Fachenda ed. by S. Lehman, isbn 9781589771062
Alarcón's El sombrero de tres picos edited by Kevin S. Larsen, isbn 9781589770980
Quiroga's Cuentos edited by García Loaeza/Magro, isbn 9781589771055
Anthology of Modernist Poetry, edited by J. Victor McGlone, isbn 9781589771079

Search below for more details.

Available Titles

Title Author Time Period Editor ISBN Amazon link
La Celestina Fernando de Rojas Medieval
Finch, Patricia
978-1-58977-011-9 See more
Anthology of Medieval Spanish Prose Anthology Medieval
Burton, David G.
978-1-58977-022-5 See more
Poema de mio Cid Anonymous Medieval
McNair, Alexander J.
978-1-58977-055-3 See More
Libro de buen amor Juan Ruiz Medieval
Kirby, Steven
978-1-58977-041-6 See More
Conde Lucanor Don Juan Manuel Medieval
Burton, David G.
978-1-58977-052-2 See More
Carcel de amor Diego de San Pedro Medieval
978-1-58977-060-7 See More
Romancero viejo Anonymous Medieval
McNair, Alexander J.
978-1-58977-034-8 See More
Los milagros de Nuestra Señora Gonzalo de Berceo Medieval
Cash, Annette G.
978-1-58977-095-9 See More
Anthology of Medieval Spanish Poetry Anthology Medieval
978-1-58977-065-2 See More
Anthology of Latin American Fantastic Short Stories Anthology 19th Century
978-1-58977-068-3 See More
Bodas de sangre, Yerma, La casa de Bernarda Alba Federico Garcia Lorca 20th Century
Reed, Timothy P.
978-1-58977-123-9 See More
Macario Bruno Traven 20th Century
Wilson, Sheilah
978-0-942566-26-0 See More
Niebla Miguel de Unamuno 20th Century
Aragon Guiller, Francisco
978-1-58977-040-9 See More
Abel Sanchez Miguel de Unamuno 20th Century
Polansky, Susan G.
978-1-58977-054-6 See More
San Manuel Bueno, martir Miguel de Unamuno 20th Century
978-1-58977-059-1 See More
Insolación Emilia Pardo Bazan 19th Century
Smith, Jennifer
978-1-58977-084-3 See More
El sí de las niñas Leandro Fernández de Moratín 19th Century
Murphy, Jeanie
978-1-58977-004-1 See More
La barraca Vicente Blasco Ibanez 19th Century
Oxford, Jeffrey
978-1-58977-007-2 See More
Doña Perfecta Benito Pérez Galdós 19th Century
Willem, Linda M.
978-1-58977-017-1 See More
Don Juan Tenorio José Zorrilla 19th Century
Lukens-Olson, Carolyn
978-1-58977-018-8 See More
Pepita Jiménez Juan Valera 19th Century
Oxford, Jeffrey
978-1-58977-021-8 See More
Un drama nuevo Tamayo y Baus 19th Century
Wyszynski, Matthew A.
978-1-58977-026-3 See More
Doña Berta Clarín 19th Century
George, Jr., David R.
978-1-58977-049-2 See More
"Naufragas" y otros cuentos Pardo Bazan 19th Century
Willem, Linda M.
978-1-58977-069-0 See More
Entremeses Cervantes Golden Age
Lukens-Olson, Carolyn
978-1-58977-062-1 See More
La numancia Cervantes Golden Age
978-1-58977-061-4 See More
Don Quijote (Legacy ed.) Cervantes Golden Age
Lathrop, Tom
978-1-58977-100-0 See More
Don Quijote Dictionary Cervantes Golden Age
Lathrop, Tom
978-1-58977-101-7 See More
Novelas ejemplares I (Gitanilla, Amante, Celoso, Rinconete) Cervantes Golden Age
McGrath, Michael J.
978-1-58977-039-3 See More
Novelas ejemplares II (Doncellas, Cornelia, Casamiento, Coloquio) Cervantes Golden Age
Luttikhuizen, Frances
978-1-58977-053-9 See More
Novelas ejemplares III (Vidriera, Fregona, Fuerza, Inglesa) Cervantes Golden Age
Clamurro, William H.
978-1-58977-077-5 See More
El trato de Argel Cervantes Golden Age
Spinnenweber, Kathleen Thornton
978-1-58977-090-4 See More
La Entretenida Cervantes Golden Age
Janeiro, Isidoro
978-1-58977-089-8 See More
Los trabajos de Persiles y Sigismunda Cervantes Golden Age
Hessel, Stephen
978-1-58977-091-1 See More
Lazarillo de Tormes Anonymous Golden Age
978-1-58977-002-7 See More
El buscón Francisco de Quevedo Golden Age
Nadeau, Carolyn
978-1-58977-043-0 See More
Novelas ejemplares y amorosas and Desenganos amorosos Maria de Zayas Golden Age
Colburn-Alsop, Sara
978-1-58977-057-7 See More
El Abencerraje Anonymous Golden Age
Groundland, Mark
978-1-58977-033-1 See More
Infortunios de Alonso Ramírez Sigüenza y Góngora Golden Age
Lehman, Sara L.
978-1-58977-080-5 See More
El infamador Juan de la Cueva Golden Age
Grubbs, Anthony J.
978-1-58977-058-4 See More
La verdad sospechosa Alarcon y Mendoza Golden Age
Clark, Gloria B.
978-1-58977-005-8 See More
Las mocedades del Cid Gullén de Castro Golden Age
978-1-58977-006-5 See More
Del rey abajo, ninguno Francisco Rojas Zorrilla Golden Age
Cash, Annette G.
978-1-58977-028-7 See More
Fuenteovejuna Lope de Vega Golden Age
Wyszynski, Matthew
978-1-58977-008-9 See More
Peribáñez Lope de Vega Golden Age
Wagschal, Steven
978-1-58977-019-5 See More
El caballero de Olmedo Lope de Vega Golden Age
Friedman, Edward H.
978-1-58977-020-1 See More
La dama boba Lope de Vega Golden Age
Patterson, Charles
978-1-58977-072-0 See More
El pero del hortelano Lope de Vega Golden Age
978-1-58977-078-2 See More
El castigo sin venganza Lope de Vega Golden Age
Friedman, Edward H.
978-1-58977-092-8 See More
El burlador de Sevilla Tirso de Molina Golden Age
McCaw, R. John
978-1-58977-010-2 See More
El condenado por desconfiado Tirso de Molina Golden Age
Garcia, Martha
978-1-58977-075-1 See More
El magico prodigioso Calderón de la Barca Golden Age
McGrath, Michael J.
978-1-58977-013-3 See More
El médico de su honra Calderón de la Barca Golden Age
Kirby, Carol Bingham
978-1-58977-042-3 See More
El alcalde de Zalamea Calderón de la Barca Golden Age
Martin, Vincent
978-1-58977-027-0 See More
Valor, agravio y mujer Ana Caro Mallen de Soto Golden Age
Lopez-Mayhew, Barbara
978-1-58977-063-8 See More
La estrella de Sevilla Anonymous Golden Age
Parrack, John C.
978-1-58977-050-8 See More
La traicion en la amistad María de Zayas Golden Age
McGrath, Michael J.
978-1-58977-047-8 See More
La vida es sueño Calderón de la Barca Golden Age
Martin, Vincent
978-1-58977-032-4 See More
Arte nuevo de hacer comedias / El mejor alcalde, el rey Lope de Vega Golden Age
Groundland, Mark
978-1-58977-097-3 See More
El gran teatro del mundo Calderón de la Barca Golden Age
McGrath, Michael
978-1-58977-104-8 See More
Tormento Benito Pérez Galdós 19th Century
George, Jr., David R.
978-1-58977-093-5 See More
Don Gil de las calzas verdes Tirso de Molina Golden Age
Fernández Rodríguez, Esther
978-1-58977-099-7 See More
Don Catrín de la Fachenda José Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi 19th Century
Lehman, Sara L.
978-1-58977-106-2 See More
La Gaviota Fernán Caballero 19th Century
Navarro, David
978-1-58977-109-3 See More
El sombrero de tres picos Pedro Antonio de Alarcón 19th Century
Larsen, Kevin S.
978-1-58977-098-0 See More
La dama duende Calderón de la Barca Golden Age
Fernando Gómez
978-1-58977-103-1 See More
Anthology of Modernist Poetry Anthology 19th Century
McGlone, J. Victor
978-1-58977-107-9 See More
A Literary Companion to Don Quijote Anthology Golden Age
David G. Burton
978-1-58977-085-0 See More
Amazonas en las Indias Tirso de Molina Golden Age
Robalino, Gladys and Glenda Nieto-Cuebas
978-1-58977-114-7 See More
Quiroga's Cuentos Horacio Quiroga 20th Century
Garcia-Loaeza and de Miguel Magro
978-1-58977-105-5 See More
Amadís de Gaula (Book 1) Garci Rodríguez de Montalvo Medieval
Botello, Jesús
Cristina Guardiola-Griffiths
978-1-58977-115-4 See More

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If you are a professor looking for books for your students, please place your order through your university bookstore. Our books are available through Ingram, Baker & Taylor, YPB Library Services and other library distributors. If you are a student looking for one of our books for a class, we encourage you to use your university bookstore, Barnes & Noble, or Follett.

Free Don Quijote Study Guide

We are pleased to offer a free downloadable daily study guide for Tom Lathrop's Spanish edition of Don Quijote, the Legacy Edition for students. Cervantes' masterwork, which created the template for the modern novel, continues to inspire people the world over, as fresh today as the day it was written. (PDF Link: DQ_Lathrop_Guide_Quijote_rev.pdf)

About Cervantes & Co:

Founded in 1998 by Tom Lathrop, the publishing imprint Cervantes & Co. brought a unique pedagogical apparatus to students nationwide. The enormous success of Lathrop's Spanish edition of Don Quijote designed for English-speaking students inspired many more editions using the same pedagogy.

Editions produced in Spain for Spanish nationals assume cultural and linguistic baggage that our students simply do not and cannot have. In our editions, words that students are likely not to know are in the margin—already looked up, in English—so they know instantly what they mean. We feel that using English is correct since using Spanish glosses either dilute the meaning (we’ve seen insecto for escarabajo, for example), or force students to look up the glossed word (such as cogote being glossed for colodrillo). We also offer lots of footnotes that students in Spain do not need, but ours require. A final glossary defines more words than are in the margins, just in case.