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French Classics for the Classroom

The Molière & Co. French classics are designed to make reading a much easier job than before, more of a pleasure than before.

Their introductions give information about the life and times of the author, important facts about the work, and things to watch out for in the text. Sometimes grammatical information is also given (passé simple, past subjunctive). For editions of plays in verse, explanations of rhyme and meter are given.

We use accurate texts in these editions, either from the public domain, prepared by the editor, or with permission of the publisher.

Words or short expressions in the text that college students of French are unlikely to know (râler, flâner) or perhaps should know but may not (joue, pont) are glossed in the margins; if expressions won’t fit, they are translated in footnotes. English is used because it makes comprehension instantaneous and exact.

Scholar editions prepared in France for French students assume cultural baggage that American students do not have, so lots of references to cultural, historical, mythological, biblical and regional items that you do not see in French editions are footnoted in ours. Since interpretation of the text is for students and their teachers to discuss and figure out, footnotes are only explicative and not interpretative. To make reference in class easy, lines are numbered.

Finally, the French-English glossary includes many more words than those glossed in the margins, and definitions are limited to the meanings from the text.

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Available Titles

Title Author Editor ISBN Amazon link
Atala Chateaubriand White, Robin Anita 978-1-58977-116-1 See More
A la recherche du temps perdu: Combray Proust Whittaker, Graham 978-1-58977-113-0 See More
La Grand Maulnes Alain-Fournier Sprenger, Anca 978-1-58977-082-9 See More
Histoires ou contes du temps passé: contes de ma mère l’Oie Perrault Fish, Scott  978-1-58977-122-2  
The Fairy Tales of Marie-Catherine d'Aulnoy d'Aulnoy Angelini, EIleen  978-1-58977-118-5 See More
Anthology of 19th Century French Short Fiction Anthology Celli/Palermo 978-1-58977-083-6 See More
Les Fleurs du mal Baudelaire Kaplan, Edward K. 978-1-58977-070-6 See More
Boule de Suif Maupassant Whittaker, Graham 978-1-58977-088-1 See More
Eugénie Grandet Balzac Ross, David A. 978-1-58977-079-9 See More
Le Colonel Chabert Balzac McClintock, Stuart 978-1-58977-064-5 See More
Anthology of 16th Century French Poetry Anthology Braunrot, Bruno 978-1-58977-071-3 See More
René Chateaubriand Whittaker, Graham 978-1-58977-076-8 See More
Maria Chapdelaine Hemon Pilon, Simone 978-1-58977-074-4 See More
La Religieuse Diderot Johnson, E. Joe 978-1-58977-066-9 See More
Indiana Sand Powell, David A. 978-1-58977-056-0 See More
L’Heptaméron Marguerite of Navarre Klaus, Carrie F. 978-1-58977-051-5 See More
Les Lais de Marie de France Marie de France Droppleman, Beth 978-1-58977-045-4 See More
Candide Voltaire Ross, David A. 978-1-58977-038-6 See More
Thérèse Raquin Zola Lathrop, Tom 978-1-58977-037-9 See More
Manon Lescaut Prevost Johnson, E. Joe 978-1-58977-029-4 See More
Hernani Hugo Janc, John J. 978-1-58977-031-7 See More
La Princesse de Clèves Madame de Lafayette Gregg, Melanie 978-1-58977-035-5 See More
Vie de Saint Alexis/Old French Anonymous Jensen, Frede 978-1-58977-016-4 See More
Vie de Saint Eustace/Intro to Old French Anonymous Jensen/Lathrop 978-0-942566-32-1 See More