LinguaText is honored to have had two of its major textbooks recognized by the Text and Academic Authors Association (TAA).

June 21, 2003-- Brasil! Língua e Cultura wins the TAA's Textbook Excellence Award:

The Text and Academic Authors Association has announced LinguaText, Ltd. as the winner of the 2003 “Texty,” the college level award for an outstanding textbook in the fields of language and literature, for the book Brasil! Língua e Cultura by Tom Lathrop and Eduardo Dias. The Text and Academic Authors Association created the Textbook Excellence Award in 1992 to recognize current textbooks and learning materials. One “Texty” is awarded in each field per year.

The Text and Academic Authors Association (TAA) Awards judges said:

“It would be hard to imagine a better presented, more informative text to teach beginning students about Brazilian language and culture.”

“I find this textbook to be well-organized, imaginative, attractive, inviting, and logical in its presentation and progression. I believe that it would be both enjoyable and profitable in the classroom.”

“I was delighted to have a chance to peruse this text and to discover that fine materials such as these exist for learning specifically Brazilian Portuguese. Now I want to take this course, and then take off for Brazil.”


May 21, 1998 Portugal: Língua e Cultura wins the TAA's McGuffey Longevity Award:

LinguaText, Ltd. has won a William Holmes McGuffey Longevity Award from the Textbook Authors Association for the title "Portugal: Língua e Cultura!"

The Text and Academic Authors Association has announced LinguaText, Ltd. as the winner of a McGuffey Longevity Award for its title Portugal: Língua e Cultura. This award which began in 1993, is given to educational textbooks that stand the test of time, in the fact that is used by schools nationwide for a long period of time. Portugal: Língua e Cultura was first published in 1974 and is currently in its second edition.

The Text and Academic Authors Association (TAA); McGuffy Awards judges said:

"Grammar usage and vocabulary are presented in a useful and intelligent way." "I'd like to learn Portuguese from this book."

"...usable, teachable, and full of cultural materials..."

"It takes great perserverance to continue to publish a textbook in a less commonly taught language such as Portuguese--and to do so and remain in tune with the latest developments in the field is a true tour-de-force!"

"The book and accompanying workbook are beautifully and artfully presented on good quality paper with an easy-to-use format, consistent yet varied so that the students get language lessons as well as an introduction to the various places where Portuguese is spoken, plus lots of opportunity to practice speaking and writing. It shows a lot of thought, preparation and scholarship."

"I cannot see any weaknesses. This text exudes authenticity in its readings: presentation of grammar is simple and concise and exercises are varied and solid."


The TAA awards one title per year. This award is in memory of William Holmes McGuffey (1800-1873) who was an American educator who is remembered chiefly for his series of elementary school readers.